Watch out for SB 22!

A new bill has been introduced in the North Carolina Senate that would block any new environmental law in which compliance would involve a cost.

You can read Ned Barnett’s story in the North Carolina Independent News here.

Here’s the NC League of Conservation Voters’ response:

A new rule could be projected to save a hundred million dollars in avoided environmental damages or human illness, and be blocked because it cost one person ten bucks. Unfortunately, this example of anti-environmental policy is no longer a fringe position in the new N.C. General Assembly. SB 22 has 22 co-sponsors, nearly a majority of the Senate right there. … Clearly, conservationists are going to have our hands full fighting for our natural resources and public health this year.

You can check the bill’s status on the General Assembly website here.

This is a sweeping law with potentially enormous implications for North Carolina’s environment. Stay updated as this develops.

One response to “Watch out for SB 22!

  1. Read this awesome blog post from NC Sierra Club’s Will Morgan on three reasons why SB 22 is dangerous:

    (1) The bill will prevent agencies from adopting new rules to protect public health, welfare, and the environment
    (2) In attempting to fix a system that isn’t broken, the bill will actually create new problems
    (3) The bill’s premise that North Carolina’s regulatory system is stifling business is unfounded

    Read more:

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