Some Good News from the General Assembly

Back on Track!

Multiple sources are now reporting that the Republicans in the North Carolina House will abandon H422, the bill that would have prevented the state from accepting $461 million in federal money for high-speed rail.

You can read the story from The News & Observer here:

A Republican push to reject $461 million in federal railroad improvement grants for North Carolina appears to have collapsed.

Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger said Saturday that he didn’t think the project could be stopped. Berger’s statement came a day after Sen. Bob Rucho, a Republican from Matthews, said GOP leaders have agreed they should accept the money.

The bill to kill high-speed rail sponsored by Rep. Ric Killian of Charlotte was pulled Friday from the agenda of the House Transportation Committee, which had been scheduled to vote on the measure this week. Killian’s bill was attacked in a committee meeting last week by Democrats, business advocates and big-city mayors.

Thank you to everyone who contacted their representative about this bill.  Your voices made a difference!


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