Bev, A New Compact & Oil…Still.

The word “offshore energy” in the title of this article may get your hopes up …finally, the potential for wind energy off the coasts of NC is being realized! Nevertheless, this article actually turns out to be about how the discussion of drilling for oil off of NC’s coast has returned to the table.  According to Forbes journalist Gary D. Robertson,

While it couldn’t come quickly, the offshore energy sector could create more than 6,700 jobs and $484 million in state and local revenues annually through 2030 if the state received the same royalty share that Gulf states receive, according to a 2009 report from the Southeast Energy Alliance, comprised of businesses, trade associations and nonprofits.

What this article and the bill that could come into effect based upon NC governor Bev Purdue’s decision neglects to mention is the cost of said offshore energy sector. What about when the oil runs out? Sure, implementing a system of offshore wind energy wouldn’t come quickly either, but jobs would be created too. Plus, no anxiety about a possible oil rig explosion similar to that in the Gulf Coast last year would even pervade the minds of North Carolina citizens.  However, only time will tell us how our government will pursue this bill, or hopefully, not.


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