What is the NC Student Energy Network?

Students and young people have been at the forefront of every major social justice movement in recent history — and now we are leading the fight for clean energy. Global climate change and the relentless degradation of the environment have made it clear that the time to switch to clean, renewable energy is now. The purpose of the North Carolina Student Energy Network (NCSEN) is to create a coalition of college students joining together to make their voices heard on the most important state environmental issues of the day while serving as a broad system of support for students fighting for change and a better environment on their own campuses.

Colleges have to lead this transition to clean energy. Dr. James Hansen, the leading NASA climatologist, has repeatedly stated that if we hope to avoid the worst effects of global warming then developed nations must be weaned off of coal completely by 2020. If our universities are to lead in this fundamental shift then they need to replace fossil fuels with alternative energy sources well before then. Our institutions of higher education are leading the way in teaching young people about the global energy problems we face. Now it’s time for these institutions to take responsibility and use their capacity for research and innovation to help solve the energy challenges before us. The NCSEN will help connect students across the state fighting for our clean energy future by acting as a hub for discussing these challenges and raising our collective awareness about these critical environmental issues.

Contact: Stewart Boss, stewartwboss@gmail.com, 704.733.0313

Facebook: ‘Like’ the NC Student Energy Network page


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